Friday, December 5, 2008

Project Updates!

Here's a few updates concerning my current and upcoming projects at Xenion "Labs".

From the Squid consulting side of things:
  • I'm putting together a proposal to implement generic Quota support in Squid-2 for an interested party. Hopefully they'll fund both the Squid-side (which will go back into Squid-2 and maybe Squid-3 in the future) and the proprietary code. This way they get their shiny features, the Squid community gets their shiny Quota support, and the company doesn't have to pay for ongoing maintenance of the Quota framework! Winners all around!
  • I'm doing some installs of Squid for a company supplying internet access via Satellite. This means I'll have to tune Squid to cache a whole lot of popular stuff -and- do some tuning to optimise TCP/IP over satellite. I'll wrap up everything from this project and put it online.
  • I've got an upcoming project to setup a small Squid cluster for a company providing services via a MediaWiki install. I'm going to leverage the excellent work done by the Wikimedia group and hopefully put all of that up online for others to leverage.
I've also been working on an NNRP proxy for a commercial USENET provider. Yes, people still pay for usenet services. Its quite scary actually! The first phase of that is near completion and I'll hopefully be able to leverage some of that in some open source projects. The NNRP proxy is currently handling almost a gigabit of reader traffic without any particularly scary issues; I'm quite impressed. Hopefully we can scale this software up to proxy around 5 to 10gbit of NNRP traffic and about 5000-15000 connected clients per server. This scales much, much better than the current software of choice in  the NNRP world - The diablo reader stuff, or "dreaderd".

I've been working on a few things on the hosting side - mostly relating to some content delivery ideas of mine. Nothing fantastically different there; I'll post some more details when there's something concrete and deliverable.