Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pricing Updates!

I'm about to publish some updated bulk pricing rates for existing and new clients. I'll also take the oppertunity to tidy up the existing pricing pages so they make more sense.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Commercial Squid services - taking off!

I'm just signing up my newest support client - in Greece, no less. I've got clients in a variety of countries now - Spain, Brazil, Greece, UK, Australia, Switzerland. Shiny!

The client-side delay pools work and the per-connection shaping should shortly appear in a Squid-2.HEAD tree near you.

My work queue looks something like this:

  • For commercial support clients: update Youtube and Microsoft Updates rules; grr to Youtube for changing their stuff again!

  • Commercial contract: delaying request forwarding until a certain amount of the request body has been read in. Slightly overdue thanks to college commitments but it'll be done very shortly.

  • Commercial contract: Sorting out some Squid related sub-contracted work for Yahoo!

  • Commercial contract: Solaris + Samba + AD + Squid - why the hell is it so painful!

  • Final testing of my Squid development/testing cluster hardware before I go and install it in the colocation rack. I can hear the Dell and Sun servers from the other side of the house; I think its time they moved into professional hosting space!

  • More stuff which I can't yet talk about!

Starting August 1, I'm going to be doing a big push for Squid support and hosting services. I now want to grow this into something much, much bigger than just me and I believe I'm now in the position to do it.

Also, I hope to organise some meetings with vendors when I'm in the US in October. I -hope- this includes Sun and Google - specifically for hardware/performance work and video/youtube caching respectively. I'll post more when I have firmer plans.

Hosting environment updates


I'm just finishing the final rollout of the DNS updates on the older servers. Everything checks out fine.

Hosting-4 is handling new clients well. I'll have users migrated off the initial hosting servers and retire the old hardware back into the testing lab by next week.

I'm about to post some updated VM and bandwidth pricing; stay tuned!