Saturday, July 26, 2008

Commercial Squid services - taking off!

I'm just signing up my newest support client - in Greece, no less. I've got clients in a variety of countries now - Spain, Brazil, Greece, UK, Australia, Switzerland. Shiny!

The client-side delay pools work and the per-connection shaping should shortly appear in a Squid-2.HEAD tree near you.

My work queue looks something like this:

  • For commercial support clients: update Youtube and Microsoft Updates rules; grr to Youtube for changing their stuff again!

  • Commercial contract: delaying request forwarding until a certain amount of the request body has been read in. Slightly overdue thanks to college commitments but it'll be done very shortly.

  • Commercial contract: Sorting out some Squid related sub-contracted work for Yahoo!

  • Commercial contract: Solaris + Samba + AD + Squid - why the hell is it so painful!

  • Final testing of my Squid development/testing cluster hardware before I go and install it in the colocation rack. I can hear the Dell and Sun servers from the other side of the house; I think its time they moved into professional hosting space!

  • More stuff which I can't yet talk about!

Starting August 1, I'm going to be doing a big push for Squid support and hosting services. I now want to grow this into something much, much bigger than just me and I believe I'm now in the position to do it.

Also, I hope to organise some meetings with vendors when I'm in the US in October. I -hope- this includes Sun and Google - specifically for hardware/performance work and video/youtube caching respectively. I'll post more when I have firmer plans.

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