Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hosting-4 downtime

One of the VM servers, hosting-4, needed a spontaneous reboot this afternoon. It seems the Xen management software got very upset after only 360 days of uptime.

On the downside, it means those who are hosted on hosting-4 will suffer a 10-20 minute downtime. It should have been 5 minutes except that the box and VMs have been up so long that fsck is enforcing file system checks.

For example:

/dev/sda1 has gone 361 days without being checked, check forced.

So to make things run smoother, I'm manually starting each VM once the previous one has finished fscking.

On the upside, the server is now running the latest CentOS 5.3 Xen packages which have fixed a fair few bugs.

I apologise for the downtime. I have to say though, 360 day uptime is pretty good. I'll just have to make sure that further downtime is scheduled in advance.

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