Friday, May 22, 2009

Solaris 10, Active Directory, Squid-2.7, NTLM. Eww.

I've been working on another Solaris 10 and Active Directory + Squid NTLM integration project. I think that I've finally coaxed out the niggling bits from all of this.

In summary (thus far);

The latest Solaris 10 ships with a "sun free software" Samba package with Kerberos and Active Directory already working. Good.

It -may- still have the 8 character password limit in the "net ads join" command (for "logging in" the server into the Active Directory.) Eww.

The Kerberos setup is a bit crack smoking but reasonably trivial. The trick is making sure the realm is setup right (capitalise the realm in the kerberos configs) and that the server queries the Active Directory DNS or things just don't work. (Active Directory DNS is used to discover services - eg ldap, kerberos, wins, etc.)

The default LDAP query results in Active Directory is limited to 1000 entries. So "wbinfo -u" doesn't return all the users from a large Active Directory.

Figuring out why/when to restart winbind; when to purge the winbind idmap/usermap tdb files is very Eww. I need to properly understand what is going on there.

Make sure the damned server is NTP synched to the AD servers.

I need to make certain that the Active Directory Kerberos is returning renewable tickets.

The winbind separator works best when its "+" apparently. Again, not sure why. I need to document all of this.

Having tightly controlled firewalls makes a 1 day job take a week; but it has shown me all the random communication which happens. For example, Samba uses LDAP-over-UDP on this setup to do the initial net join..

There's more to come as I finalise this installation. I'll publish the install guides on my website.


Amin said...

A detailed howto would be really useful.. I have to perform a similar setup in my shop and I've noticed a lot of those guides are from 2+ years ago. Your docs would be greatly appreciated.

-Amin Astaneh

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